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Business Model


ASIC projects epitomize cooperation and collaboration between a supplier and a customer. They require not only extreme levels of skill and accomplishment on the part of the supplier but also invoke mutual trust and respect. There is more at stake than just the development cost of an IC. Failure on the part of the supplier can put a customer out of business or severely damage their reputation.


At Javelin, failure is not an option. We won’t begin a project unless we know we can successfully complete it. For that reason, we often recommend a feasibility study to begin with. Generally taking 5-7 weeks, the study addresses those mission critical aspects of the ASIC’s requirements and provides an analysis of risks and the subsequent means of reducing or eliminating them before both parties become committed beyond the point of no return.

Secondly, we believe our success should come only when you are successful. For full turnkey projects (design through to production) we pass along NRE and Tooling costs at no profit. We want the barriers to entry for you to engage in an ASIC design to be as low as possible. When you, our future long-term customer, are successfully shipping your product, only then we will be successful.

And lastly, when production volumes are high, to further lower the barriers to entry, we offer an NRE rebate program. 

ASIC Development Flow

ASIC Flow.png
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