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Our Development Team

Selected from among the best and brightest analog minds in the industry, Javelin has amassed a family of contractors, a combination of individual contributors and teams, encompassing top notch skills in both analog chip design and analog chip layout. While the vast majority reside in and around the grater Silicon Valley, Javelin's global reach gives us access to worldwide skill sets.

While other Analog ASIC companies maintain a staff of designers on a fixed payroll, Javelin's contractor model allows us to preselect and compose a team from a much larger pool of talent, literally from hundreds of engineers, that is a best fit for your project. Think about this. Today's Analog ASIC requirements are more often akin to systems on a chip. You may need a combination of ADCs, D/As, Multiplexers, Instrumentaion Amplifiers, Complex Power Management, Digital Registers, EEProm, Microcontroller, H Bridge or High Side & Low Side Drivers, Timers, and much, much more.


The team we will create for you will possess all the requisite skills needed to ensure that your ASIC is successfully executed

Bob Frostholm:

Co Founder, CMO


After receiving his Engineering Degree from San Francisco State University,Bob

joined GTE Lenkurt as a field application engineer, later moving into product

engineering. Sensing the excitement of the then burgeoning semiconductor

industry, Bob joined Signetics (later acquired by Philips Semiconductors and now known as NXP) in 1972 in a marketing capacity. During the next dozen years, he polished his Analog acuity there and at Fairchild and finally National Semiconductor. In 1984 Bob was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and co-founded Integrated Power Semiconductors in Scotland to develop motor control Application Specific Standard Products for the Hard Disk Drive industry. The company was acquired, and the product line taken captive by Seagate in late 1987. Bob then moved to Massachusetts to become VP of Marketing and Sales for Sprague’s semiconductor operations. The chip operation was acquired by Japanese firm Sanken and its name changed to Allegro Micro-Systems where he remained for another 2 years before returning to Silicon Valley as VP Marketing for Siliconix. In 1997, Bob moved to SEEQ Technology where he first met Steve Dreyer, Javelin's co-founder. After SEEQ’s acquisition by LSI Logic, Bob became President & CEO of semiconductor 20G and 40G switch fabric manufacturer Power X Networks U.S. operations while Steve founded NSerial which was later acquired ny Intel. Prior to forming Javelin, Bob spent the last 9 years as VP Marketing & Sales with JVD, an Analog ASIC company in Silicon Valley. Bob is the author of 37 papers.


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