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Analog is hard.

Sourcing your analog ASIC
doesn't have to be.

Analog ASICs from Javelin

help keep your product launch

on schedule and on budget

CEO Bob Frostholm


Partnering with Javelin on our Analog ASIC project was a standout experience, thanks to Bob and Steve. Their approach, beginning with a rigorous feasibility study, set a foundation of trust and understanding. Steve’s commitment to thorough spec discussions prior to any development commitment highlighted Javelin’s dedication to precision and client alignment.

The project’s backbone was our open communication, facilitated by weekly calls that ensured clarity and collaboration. Challenges were inevitable, but the way Bob and Steve addressed them was what set Javelin apart. Their proactive resolutions reinforced our confidence every step of the way. For those considering embarking on a similar project, I can confidently say that with a team like Javelin’s, the process is not just manageable but can be a genuinely enjoyable experience.

Robin Jakiela of Mirion shares her analog ASIC journey with Javelin

Robin Jakiela

Director, Corporate Technology PMO Office

Mirion Technologies

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