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Javelin ASIC Devices is a Full Service Fabless Semiconductor Company. The company was formed in 2019 to fill the void for low to moderate volume custom analog ICs created by the plethora of semiconductor mergers and acquisitions that have plagued the electronics industry in recent years. The resulting new mega companies can no longer afford to commit resources to chip development that doesn't return tens of millions of dollars annually. Startups and smaller companies (or any company with a small volume application)... perhaps your company... have been forced to continue to use high cost, off the shelf standard products in their designs, while their larger competitors benefit from lower cost integration.


That's just not fair.


Dedicated to providing turnkey Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC Design along with full Manufacturing (Production and Test) Services, Javelin is staffed by well-respected and experienced semiconductor professionals that offer a combined portfolio of more than 1,000 years of IC design experience. That’s not a typo! One thousand years!

Because we are based in Silicon Valley, the heart of Analog IC expertise, Javelin is able to form unique development teams with the experience needed to exactly match your application requirements. Nowhere else on earth can match the number of Analog IC experts per square mile that are here in Silicon Valley. Our engineers have studied under the best of the best Analog Gurus of the industry (actually, many members of our team are Gurus) and each Javelin engineer brings a minimum of 25 years of experience, combining expert knowledge in each of the four critical components for designing Analog ICs:

Circuit Design

Semiconductor Physics

Process Chemistry


And while Analog is our core competency, our teams also provide outstanding capability in the digital realm. Whether a simple addition of a microcontroller and memory to a precision analog ASIC or a full-blown custom digital design, Javelin offers one-stop shopping for your custom silicon needs.

Why do an ASIC design?

There are many reasons why you might consider developing an ASIC. Six of the most common are:

1. Cost savings:

Companies that sell Standard product Analog ICs are raking in the money…your money. Analog is one of the most profitable lines for standard product semiconductor companies. When it comes to moving money from your pocket to theirs, no question, they are the experts. Wouldn’t you rather keep that money in your pockets? You can. Learn how to keep your hard earned profits by eliminating many off-the-shelf standard product analog ICs from your design and replacing them with a single, low cost Analog ASIC from Javelin.

Analog ASICs from Javelin can significantly reduce the number of components in your product.  Fewer components means lower cost and that can make you more competitive in your market place. Single function analog ICs may seem inexpensive, until you tally up how many of them you’re using. . It is not uncommon to combine $5 to $10 of analog ICs into a single $1 Analog ASIC. Consult your Bill of Materials to see how expensive off-the-shelf Analog ICs are in your design. If you’re using more than three of four, give us a call and we’ll let you know how much Javelin can be saving you.

2. IP Protection

You’ve invested a lot of time and money creating your product, especially that part of your design where Black Magic prevails; analog. You know this is where the rubber meets the road…where you can definitely show meaningful product differentiation. Unfortunately, bandits know as Product Pirates are ready to steal your design. The last thing you want is a nearly exact copy of your work showing up in the market place just months after your introduction.  You can protect your ideas by embedding your analog advantage in a Javelin ASIC. Don’t let the pirates see how your product works. Protect it with a chip for which they cannot obtain a spec sheet. Javelin ASICs offer you an affordable way to thwart the bandits.

3. Space Savings

In a world of wearable sensors and the Internet of Things, size does matter. Nowhere in your product is there a greater opportunity to conserve space than in your analog circuitry. Bulky, single function, off-the-shelf standard product analog ICs consume more than their fair share of board space. If size is an issue, a well thought out analog ASIC might just be the answer you’re looking for. Analog ASICs from Javelin can absorb more than you might think. Combining multiple standard analog ICs often reduces the need for peripheral passives like resistors and capacitors. See for yourself how much space you can save with an Analog ASIC from Javelin.

4. Product Obsolescence

Four words every purchasing agent fears: “Notice of Product Obsolescence”. This can be a death blow to your product or even your company. One part among the 75 or 100 or so in your system is no longer available. Panic sets in. The days of multiple sourced ICs have long passed. Your choices? A lifetime buy (if you’re lucky). But you may be forced to buy (as a minimum quantity) enough material to last you well into the next century. Choice number 2; redesign your system. Either way, the costs can be devastating. Choice number 3; With an ASIC from Javelin, you’re protected from obsolescence.

5. Power Reduction

More and more, ASICs are finding their way into battery powered applications. It’s no coincidence that these applications are also sensitive to size and weight, forcing smaller batteries to operate with longer life spans. What was once the impossible with standard products is now a no-brainer with ASIC solution.

6. Noise Reduction

Noise is often introduced into a system via the PCB traces that behave like antenna, capturing unwanted rf and introducing it into your system's signal processing and power supply lines. The use of an ASIC reduces the size of the antenna to near zero as internal connections are just a few microns long.

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