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How We Work: Your Analog ASIC Journey Redefined with Javelin

Your Vision, Our Mission

Have you ever embarked on an analog ASIC project, only to face setbacks that made you question the endeavor altogether? If you’ve been let down by inflexible designs, rigid specifications, and a product that didn’t measure up to the discrete components it was meant to replace, you’re not alone. At Javelin, we’ve met many innovators like you who’ve faced similar challenges, with budgets that have felt the burn of unmet promises.


We get it. The journey to develop a custom analog ASIC is fraught with complexity and cost—a venture where even the most ambitious can falter. It’s not just about investing $1 million to $2 million; it’s about investing in a partnership that values your vision and your voice.

Dynamic Design, Tailored to You

Here at Javelin, we’re not just another ASIC design house; we’re your ally in creation. Our dialogue starts with understanding—your needs, your past hurdles, and your aspirations. We believe in a process that’s as dynamic as your ideas, where changes aren’t just possible—they’re welcomed. Your specifications are the blueprint we honor, without the need for unnecessary “relaxations.” Our goal is to ensure that the end product not only meets but exceeds the performance of any discrete solution you’ve used before.

Join Hands with Javelin

So, if you’re contemplating who Javelin ASIC is and what we stand for, know this: We stand for a seamless experience that makes your previous disappointments a distant memory. We’re here to rekindle your trust in the power of a well-executed analog ASIC project. We invite you to explore what we can achieve together. Let’s craft technology that propels your projects forward, without ever looking back.

Connect with us. Let's redefine what's possible

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