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Harnessing Proven Expertise and a Global Network for Superior Analog Design Solutions

At Javelin ASIC Devices, we understand that the heart of innovation lies in effective collaboration between experienced industry professionals and skilled design engineers. Our founders, Steve Dreyer and Bob Frostholm, bring a wealth of knowledge, with a combined experience spanning several decades in analog technology. Their extensive portfolio of resources and industry-wide contacts are instrumental in orchestrating a smooth design process from concept to volume manufacturing, and ensuring project delivery that is on time, within budget, and accurate from inception.

Our development team is carefully curated from a pool of respected engineers in the analog domain. While our core team is based near Silicon Valley, our network extends globally, ensuring a rich diversity of expertise and perspectives. Unlike firms with static in-house teams, Javelin adopts a flexible contractor model. This approach allows us to handpick a specialized team from a broader talent base—comprising hundreds of engineers—to match the unique requirements of your project.

Javelin's dedication to assembling the right team ensures that your ASIC project is not just completed, but masterfully executed, reflecting the precision and reliability our clients have come to expect.


Steve Dreyer: Co-Founder & CTO

Steve Dreyer is a seasoned engineer with a rich history in the field of integrated circuits (IC), specializing in mixed signal/analog IC design. With a career spanning several decades, Steve has become a cornerstone in the development and innovation of IC technologies, bringing to the table a deep understanding of the intricate balance between technical precision and practical application.


At the heart of Steve's professional journey is his commitment to the detailed technical aspects of every project he undertakes. His expertise is not limited to design; it encompasses all stages of product development, including layout, architecture, management, business and marketing strategies, and the critical phase of production transfer. This comprehensive knowledge ensures that Steve is not just a designer but a well-rounded expert capable of seeing a product through, from conception to market launch.


Steve's career path has been diverse, covering positions in large multinational corporations, dynamic startups, and as a highly sought-after consultant. This varied experience has equipped him with a unique perspective on the industry, allowing him to navigate and succeed in different corporate cultures and market conditions.


At Javelin ASIC Devices, Steve brings his hands-on approach and a wealth of knowledge to the forefront of IC design. His leadership not only drives innovation but also fosters a culture of excellence and precision among the team. Steve is passionate about solving complex engineering challenges and is always on the lookout for the next breakthrough in IC technology.


As a co-founder of Javelin ASIC Devices, Steve's vision is to create cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of integrated circuits. His dedication to excellence and innovation makes him a pivotal figure in the company and the industry at large.

Bob Frostholm: Co-Founder & CMO

Bob Frostholm's journey in the semiconductor industry began after graduating with an engineering degree from San Francisco State University, marking the start of an illustrious career that spans over four decades. His initial role as a field application engineer at GTE Lenkurt evolved into a deep dive into product engineering, setting the stage for his future successes.


The allure of the burgeoning semiconductor sector led Bob to Signetics in 1972, embarking on a path that honed his expertise in marketing and analog technologies. His tenure at Signetics, followed by stints at Fairchild and National Semiconductor, solidified his reputation as a skilled marketer with a keen analog acuity.


In 1984, Bob’s entrepreneurial spirit took flight with the co-founding of Integrated Power Semiconductors in Scotland, which focused on application-specific motor control products for the hard disk drive industry. This venture, later acquired by Seagate, was just the beginning of Bob's executive journey, which saw him taking on such roles as VP of marketing and sales at Sprague, and subsequently at Allegro Micro-Systems after its acquisition by Sanken.


Bob's career continued to flourish as he returned to Silicon Valley, becoming VP of marketing for Siliconix, and later, after meeting Steve Dreyer, leading SEEQ Technology as president & CEO of Power X Networks U.S. operations. His pre-Javelin chapter concluded with a significant tenure as VP of marketing and sales at JVD, an analog ASIC company.


As co-founder and CMO of Javelin ASIC Devices, Bob brings unparalleled experience, a visionary marketing approach, and a rich history of innovation and leadership. His contribution to the semiconductor industry is also marked by his authorship of 37 papers, underscoring his expertise and thought leadership.


Bob Frostholm's journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, making him an integral part of Javelin ASIC Devices' foundation and future.

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