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Empowering Your Innovations: Power Management and Beyond
With Javelin ASIC Device

At Javelin ASIC Devices, we understand the challenges you might face in obtaining the levels of power efficiency, density, and integration you need, and which are often beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf components. Our dedication lies in pushing the envelope with analog ASIC technology and crafting innovative designs to deliver top-tier power management solutions for specialized applications.


We tailor every ASIC solution to fit the unique requirements of your project, whether you’re looking to manage power in compact devices or navigate the complexities of high-current scenarios like electric vehicles. Our collaborative, personalized approach guarantees that each ASIC is optimized for its intended use, improving form factors, battery life, and operational efficiency.


Our experienced engineering team is passionate about innovation, overcoming technical hurdles to provide you with ASIC solutions that surpass traditional power management options. By partnering with us at Javelin ASIC Designs, you’re choosing a leader in the diverse field of analog ASIC design, committed to advancing your product’s success with state-of-the-art solutions.

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