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Why Visit Our Booth?

At Javelin ASIC Devices, we’re at the forefront of developing application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that revolutionize sensor interfaces. Join us at Sensors Converge to discover how our tailored ASIC solutions can enhance your product’s performance through significant size reduction, power savings, increased reliability, and cost reduction.

See how integrating our ASICs can allow

you to offer enhanced functionality,

such as built-in signal conditioning and

calibration, leading to a higher-value


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Learn about replacing cumbersome

modules with compact, efficient ASICs

to achieve cost savings and component

reduction in your designs.

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Discuss how our expertise in ASIC design

can help streamline your production,

increase the market appeal of your

sensors, and improve the end product’s


Stop by and see us at at booth #1434 on the exhibit floor
or request an appointment to discuss your projects.
Email Bob Frostholm at to schedule a time.
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